The extraordinary Anker clock

The Anker clock is an extraordinary watch, which you can find it at Hoher Markt. It can be accessed by the metro lines U1 and U3. The clock was invented by Franz von Matsch in the time of Art Nouveau at the beginning of the 20th Century.

The watch is known for, moving the clock hands by every full hour and surprisingly a very known personality in the form of a small figure from Viennese History occurs. The twelve shields on the clock represent science, visual arts, business, industry, food, and drinks in Vienna.

A special thing is, that at noon the twelve historical figures march inside in the clock each guided with a melody from its era. The twelve historical figures are Marc Aurel, Karl der Große, Leopold VI, Wather von der Vogelweide, King Rudolf I von Habsburger and his wife Anna, Hans Puchsbaum, Emperor Maximillian I, Mayor Johann Andreas von Liebenberg, Ersnt Rüdiger Graf Starhemberg, Empress Maria Theresia and her husband Franz Stephan von Lothringen, Joseph Haydn.

The Clock is being held by four figural consultants. At the front, there are Adam and Eva and in the back, you can see the angel and the devil.

It took three years to build it, from 1911 till 1914. It was made especially for the “Wiener”- Viennese People. Unfortunately, at the day when the revealment of the clock was planed, the heir of the throne Franz Ferdinard and his wife Sophie were shot in Sarajevo.

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