Explore the delicious Viennese Cuisine and Must-Visit places

Vienna is known for its rich culinary tradition, with many local specialties to try. Explore the delicious Viennese cuisine and must-visit places.

From traditional Viennese cuisine to international flavors

Traditional Viennese cutlets (“Wiener Schnitzel”) and boiled beef (“Tafelspitz”) are among the best-known and well-liked dishes in Austrian cuisine. However, there are plenty of other tasty main courses offered in Viennese cuisine. 

THE SCHNITZEL: Wiener Schnitzel 

The famous Wiener Schnitzel even bears the city’s name (Wiener is German for Viennese).  Traditionally, a Schnitzel is a fried escalope of veal coated in eggs, flour, and breadcrumbs, but most restaurants and homes use pork or poultry instead. 

It is often served with a slice of lemon, which doubles as a side salad. 

TAFELSPITZ: Tafelspitz on a plate 

It’s essentially boiled beef, but treated like a specialty in Vienna. The treat is the broth used in the boiling process, which then finds use as a soup or gravy. 

As with Schweinsbraten, vegetables might be boiled along with the beef, and these take up the flavor of the meat in the process. 

Emperor Franz Joseph enjoyed his Tafelspitz, making it one of various recipes with a hint of nobility. 

SCHWEINSBRATEN: Schweinsbraten translates simply as roast pork. 

The Viennese version has the joint roasting in a shallow vegetable broth most of the time. You also throw in onions, carrots, and other vegetables. 

The perfect Schweinsbraten develops a crusty crackling surface seasoned with salt, pepper, garlic, and cumin (and possibly paprika and mustard). 

Traditional side dishes with the meat are sauerkraut and potato- or bread-based dumplings. 

ZWIEBELROSTBRATEN – Zwiebelrostbraten 

Technically, Zwiebelrostbraten translates as fried beef and onions in gravy. Onion rings coated in flour are deep-fried until crispy, then spread over the meat. 

Typically served with roast potatoes of one form or another, such as wedges,. And a side salad if you’re feeling healthy. 


You probably don’t need me to explain Gulasch (goulash) to you, given its international popularity. 

This meat and onion ragout mostly uses beef (Rindsgulasch), but pork (Schweinsgulasch), veal (Kalbsgulasch), and other meats sometimes make an appearance. 

The dish originates from Hungary, but Austria has adopted it as a traditional local meal. 


Another dish that loses appeal in translation. Cheese (Käse) noodles (Spätzle) don’t capture the hearty, traditional nature of the recipe. 

You make spätzle from flour, water, and eggs to create small, boiled gnocchi-like pieces. These are mixed with fried onions and grated cheese, then cooked (and often served) in a skillet or frying pan. 

The melted cheese adds the requisite flavor, so Viennese kitchens use stronger cheeses like Emmentaler, Bergkäse, or even Cheddar. 

Käsespätzle tends to be associated with more mountainous regions than Vienna, but it has become fairly universal in Austria. 

I suspect this is partly because it’s one of the few traditional dishes suitable for vegetarians. 

Discover Vienna’s Charm: Check out these must-see places and a list of top restaurants to elevate your dining experience! 🍽️

🍽 Figelmüller – Just around the corner from St. Stephen’s Cathedral, a place where people have been imbibing, chatting, and eating great for the past 115 years.  https://maps.app.goo.gl/SkiZX51bvvMS7qBXA

🍔 Lugeck (Alongside Wiener Schnitzel, Tafelspitz, a vast array of mouth-watering steaks, burgers, and of course a host of meatless delicacies) https://www.lugeck.com/en/location-contact/

🥗 Griechenbeisel – the oldest Inn in town. Find yourself in the same room in which famous guests like Mark Twain, Beethoven, Mozart, Luciano Pavarotti, and Johnny Cash enjoyed their dinner.  https://maps.app.goo.gl/cEbFhJtqxrQvRbGp6

🍻 Bermuda Braü (On its first floor Bermuda Bräu serves typical Viennese Food. On the ground floor, the beer pub’s patrons party until long after midnight. On Sunday and Monday, closed)  https://maps.app.goo.gl/rB1E8kC2f74MBPX39

🥓 Beisl (Traditional Viennese cuisine , Schnitzel, Goulash, Tafelspitz) https://maps.app.goo.gl/y88Uqxmzo76HHbpt8

🥩 Reinthaler Gasthaus *(close to the Vienna State Opera, Viennese cuisine, on weekends closed)  https://maps.app.goo.gl/oEZWx2QKFFGJCSV59

🍗 Hofmeister (Traditional Viennese cuisine, meeting place surrounded by a unique and agreeable atmosphere.) https://maps.app.goo.gl/pE5WjA1uYQQoy8vD9 

🥘 7 Stern Braü – Traditional Austrian cuisine, pork ribs, wiener schnitzels, goulash but also apple strudels and pancakes. The place with a good draft beer, pale ale, or craft beer.  https://maps.app.goo.gl/kHatGuG5kx7SScd56

🍺 15/16 Brewery. Over 20 years, serving home-brewed beer and a wide range of delicious food. Mostly international public. https://maps.app.goo.gl/vUxQBBn4Y6rydLjQ6

🍷 Esterhazy Keller (Viennese cuisine + Wein) https://maps.app.goo.gl/f2yKt7J9s41tfSQaA

🍾 12 Apostelkeller (Enjoy the historic ambiance and the diversity of Viennese cuisine ) https://maps.app.goo.gl/mxLaCMjkrbd8uPuk9

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