Around the Imperial Palace, Josephsplatz

Joseph II statue

Josephsplatz named after Joseph II. belongs to the area of the Imperial Palace in Vienna. It’s also his statue in the middle of the square showing him as a Roman emperor.

The square is flanked by the Augustinian Church, the National Library, and the Winter Riding Scholl. It was one of the first opened squares in the city back in the 18th century.

The goddess of wisdom Pallas Athene in her chariot, triumphing over envy and ignorance, crowns the roof over the main entrance.

The National Library contains about 200,000 volumes, including the 15,000 books form Prince Eugene of Savoy.  Since 1860, it has been opened to the general public.

Emperor Joseph II was the first Habsburg to have his monument built in public. The model for the monument was that of the Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius. According to the reports, he died near Vienna.

In and around the Imperial Palace.

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