“Join me for a walk. Together we will explore and discover the fascinating stories and tales that fill every corner of Vienna .”

– Mirko Postolovski


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Visitors waiting to be served at Fenster Cafe in Vienna

Experience takeaway coffee from the authentic Fenster Café

Placed in the unique Vienna Old City, on your way to its center in the narrow alleys you can discover ...
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Cook is baking Kaisersmarrn

Tasty Kaiserschmarrn to go now at Vienna city center

A portion of tasty Kaiserschmarrn to go. Because of the Covid-19 regulations, the coffee houses in Vienna remained closed, but ...
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Bitgzinger hot dog stand near Alberitna

Must try at Vienna’s Hot Dog Stand

Hot dog stands are an integral part of Vienna's cityscape. You don't go to the sausage stand just to satisfy ...
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